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For all the worst reasons imaginable, post from the UK to the rest of the world is being disrupted. This has regrettably impacted on our business (as it has many others, of course) with parcels taking weeks to reach even nearby countries. Some customers in Europe have reported also being charged import duty and then a levy from the delivery company. Music is – and always has been – TAX FREE in the United Kingdom and it is impossible for us to calculate how much tax a foreign authority will charge. All we can reasonably do is apologise for the added inconvenience and the stupidity of anyone who voted for Brexit without realising the impact it would have. We think our prices are very reasonable, and we hope you will continue to support Primalamusica!


Having worked as editor-typesetter for Clifford and Elaine Bartlett's King's Music and The Early Music Company since 1986! I have started working more on the business side, especially with Clifford's tragic passing and Elaine's annus horribilis of health issues... Gradually titles will be added to this website to enable customers to buy direct. As always, the business leads with Dido and Aeneas, with Monteverdi's "Vespers" by far the best seller in the catalogue. It has been completely reset (in Sibelius) and thoroughly proofread against original sources. Only the score is available for direct sale. Performing material is only avilable after the negotiation of rights, etc. The same applies to its frequent partner piece, John Blow's Venus and Adonis. Other "new" editions include the Fux sonata for three violins and Purcell's Three parts on a ground (commissioned by Maggie Faultless) and two chamber works by Cavalli for Theresa Caudle's course a Benslow. More will gradually join them.

I am very busy, transcribing and translating a volume of records from Anhalt-Zerbst, where Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688-1758) was Kapellmeister for 36 years. In time, all of the surviving cantatas he wrote for a cycle in 1736 will be published, along with other pieces required by the liturgy there – masses, a Te Deum, and hymns by composers from Zerbst.

First page of the Zerbst chapel Verzeichnisse
Brian Clark: follia

World's worst-kept secret

Ever since I was obliged to take composition classes as part of my music degree at St Andrews University in Scotland, I ha enjoyed the very occasional foray into the art of the tune smith. Nothing serious, of course – just for fun (mostly).

Recently inspired to write some music for recorders by my friend, the writer and musician, Michelene Wandor, I have foolhardily decided to publish two of them:

Waltz for Michelene is for five recorders (STrTTB)

follia (with an original cover illustration by my friend, Daniel Baker) is for four (STrTrTr) and is based on the familiar ground bass but throws a few rhythmic curve balls...

New home – new look

After more than 15 years in Arbroath, I am off back to Dundee.

With a considerable amount of help from my excellent Danish colleague, Niels Danielsen, I have come up with a new style for future editions – I hope you like it!

The first titles are Telemann's string suite "La Musette" (TEL025) and two sonatas for trumpet, 2 violins and continuo from the under-rated Engilsh composer William Corbett's op. 3 (the others will follow). Feel free to suggest other pieces that we could publish.

TEL025 Telemann "La musette" TWV 55: g1
Heinichen: Flavio Crispo, ed. Maxwell Sobel


This opera caused a bit of a stir in 1719 – Heinichen hadn't quite finished writing it when two of the leading singers had a tantrum about the clumsy way he'd set some of the Italian text. When the Saxon Elector heard about the argument, he dismissed the singers and the entire project was shelved. With a cast of seven principles and an orchestra of horns, flutes, recorders, oboes and strings which Heinichen deploys with considerable skill, this three-act work can now be heard to full advantage on a recording by Il Gusto Barocco.

THE LATEST volumes of the Ensemble Diderot Collection are now available: two volumes of trio sonatas from Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville's op. 2 (recorded on Audax Records).

Be sure to check out their new page for further details.

Our new Ensemble Diderot Collection
Notturna CD of Janitsch, Krause and Graun

Another exciting collaboration

Christopher Palameta and his colleagues in Notturna have been passionate champions of the music of mid-18th-century Berlin, especially trios and quartets by Johann Gottlieb Janitsch. Having provided many of the editions for their recordings, we are now beginning to publish them so that anyone can enjoy them. First up are two trios by Janitsch, and a third by Christian Gottfried Krause.


Four years have passed since our last catalogue – literally hundreds of titles
have been added in that time. If you prefer a leisurely browse to scrolling
through website pages, you can save it to your device by clicking HERE.

Prima la musica! catalogue for March 2021

latest additions

If you have any ideas for new editions, we would be delighted to hear about them!

Bertali: Sonata Sancti Placidi

Blow: Venus and Adonis

Fux: Sonata for 3 violins

Carisio: Sub umbra crucis (soprano, mezzo-soprano, continuo)

Michael Pilkington: Figured Bass at the Keyboard (a step-by-step guide to accompaniment)

Cavalli: Two new editions for THE EARLY MUSIC COMPANY – the Sonata à 6 and the Canzon à 4

Corbett: Six sonatas in D for trumpet, 2 violins and continuo (op. 3) and the overture from the same set for two trumpets (or oboes) with strings

Endler: Three sinfonie in D [END003, END016, END028] and another that starts in D and ends in G [END027], an Ouverture in D and an Ouverture in E flat with tenor oboes

Fasch: Funeral music from the 1740s re-used in the 1760s

Fux: Sonata for three violins

Geist: two motets for Karl XI of Sweden; a birthday poem setting and Psalm 133 in Swedish from his 1680 wedding to Ulrike Eleonore of Denmark.

Graupner: Sinfonia in F GWV565Sinfonia in G GWV610

Linicke: Trio sonata in A minor (recorder, oboe, continuo)

Merula: Credidi (a psalm setting for SATB and continuo)

Pohle: the two final pieces in our Complete Vocal Music edition – Paratum cor meum for solo tenor and a second setting of Benedicam Dominum for the same forces (and using much of the same music!) as the first version.

Henry Purcell: Dido and AeneasThree parts on a ground Z 731, Chacony Z 730

Franz Xaver Richter: Sinfonia in G minor for strings

Lambert de Sayve: Cantate Domino (SSAATTB) and Jubilate Deo omnis terra (SATB SATB SATB SATB)

Stölzel: Two cantatas – Ich haben meinen König eingesetzt (for the 1st Sunday in Advent) and Befiehl dem Herrn deine Wege (for the 1740 funeral of dowager duchess, Magdalena Augusta of Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg)

Tarditi: Ave, maris stella

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Dido and Aeneas

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The Early Music Company's edition of Purcell's most popular work has been re-typeset (and corrected) and is now available on quality paper and finished by DU Print. The instrumental parts and a score with the voice parts in larger type with the continuo bass line are also available if you plan to perform the work. These can only be supplied AFTER a contract has been agreed that covers the cost of the music AND the performing rights. Please EMAIL for details.

Edited by Brian Clark.

Click HERE to see the first page of the score.

Chacony, Z 730

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Edited by Brian Clark.
12pp, printed on quality paper and finished by DU Print.

Click HERE to see the first page of the score.

Three parts on a ground, Z731

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When I first typeset this for Clifford Bartlett in the 1990s, he decided that the music was more suited to the violin than the recorder, despite the fact that his introduction stated that the only surviving autograph fragment of the piece referred to a piece for "flutes" (meaning recorders). I have produced a cleaner version of that edition (and cleaned up a few errors) and produced this new version in F for recorders.

As I gradually take over The Early Music Company's catalogue, I am re-visiting some of these old editions and giving them a facelift and a very thorough proofread. This title is only available as a performing set consisting of a score and the four individual parts.

Edited by Brian Clark.
8pp, printed on quality paper and finished by DU Print.
Scoring: 3 alto recorders, continuo.

Click HERE to see the first page of the score.