1. Your music will normally be sent the day you order it. We charge flat rates for postage and package for each publication. If shipment is delayed for any reason, you will receive notification by e-mail.

2. Please note that all transactions will be carried out using the Globecharge's Secure Payment scheme, which integrates seamlessly with PayPal.

At no time does anyone at Prima la musica! view your payment card details.

3. Information regarding your purchases are held on our computer only for our own accounting reasons. At no time will any information be passed by us to third parties. The information stored does not include details of your payment card. After seven years (as required by UK law) the accounts are be destroyed; until that time, a paper record of the transaction will be securely stored and unseen by anyone, except where HMRC wish to perform an inspection for taxation purposes.

4. Once you have placed your order, confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail complete with Transaction and Order Reference numbers, which you should quote with any communication. On receipt of the goods, you have seven days in which to cancel the order (either by email or telephone / fax) and have your money refunded. The music must then be returned unused to the address given on the delivery note, along with an explanation of why it has been returned, before the refund is actioned. If we suspect that customers have photocopied the music before returning it, we will still refund the total costs as the law requires, but we withhold the right to refuse to fulfil future orders.