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As Kapellmeister to the court of Anhalt-Zerbst, it was his job to compose funeral music when members of the princely family died. Indeed, it has recently been established that he also supplied the neighbouring court of Anhalt-Cöthen with similar pieces, and that his output was not restricted to royalty. Sadly, however, none of that music has survived as it was originally heard. This latest issue in the Zerbster Musikalien series (volume 11) contains music that the leader of the court ensemble after Fasch's death, the violinist and Konzertmeister Karl Hoeckh, put together in 1765 for memorial services in honour of a prince of nearby Anhalt-Bernburg and the Abbess of Herford, whose newphew was the exiled ruler of Anhalt-Zerbst, Friedrich August.

Edited by Brian Clark.
28pp. Printed and finished by Dundee University Print Unit.
Scoring: Soprano, bass, oboe(s), strings, continuo.

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