Baldassare Galuppi

One of the most famous composers of his day, Galuppi (1706-1785) worked in important musical centres
as London and St. Petersburg, even setting religious texts of the Orthodox church.


Overture in D

Scored for an orchestra of two oboes, two horns in D, and strings, this sinfonia by Il Buranello is slightly unusal in that the three sections (Allegro, Andante and Presto) follow each other without a break.
Edited by Brian Clark.

Sinfonia in F

In the Andante spiritoso of this symphony, the oboes of the outer movements are replaced by flutes (in Galuppi's day, they would have been played by the same musicians). Horns in F and 4-part strings make up the rest of the orchestra, although the viola almost always follows the bass an octave higher.
Edited by Brian Clark.

Trio Sonata in F

This is the second of six sonatas in the University of Uppsala, shelfmark Gimo Collection 125: VI | Sonate | A Due Violini, e Basso | Del Sigr Baldasser Galuppi, Dto Buranello. It has three movements, the second which leads quickly into the last.
Edited by Brian Clark.
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