Kaspar Förster

This image is © Uppsala UIniversity, Düben Collection, vmhs 3/8

There are two composers of this name (father and son), but most of the works we will publish (including those listed below) are thought to be by the younger man,
who was a renowned bass singer in his own day, and studied in Italy with Carissimi.


Credo quod Redemptor

This motet is for the slightly unusual combination of Alto, Tenor, two violins and continuo. Setting a text that will be familiar to anyone who knows Handel's Messiah, "I know that my Redeemer liveth", it retains a slightly dark colouring (C minor is the home key), but gives both singers a chance to take centre stage.
Edited by Brian Clark.

Sonata a7

This sonata is scored for two groups: two cornetti and bassoon in one, two violins, viola and violone in the other.
It is a typical mid-17th-century tapestry construction, mostly in C major.
Edited by Brian Clark.