Frohlocket, ihr Himmel, GWV1105/50

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This cantata (for Christmas Day, 1750) takes the following form: 1. Chorus (SATB, trumpet, 2 horns & timpani, strings, continuo) 2.Recitativo (Soprano, continuo), 3. Aria (Soprano, trumpet, strings, continuo), 4. Chorus (as No. 1), 5. Recitativo (Bass, continuo), 6. Aria (Bass, 2 flutes, strings, continuo), 7. Chorale (as No. 1).

Edited by Marco Schneider and Johanna Schatz.
Scoring: SATB, 2 flutes, trumpet, 2 horns, timpani, 2 violins, viola, continuo.

Performance material by negotiation.