Viderunt omnes


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This piece by Erlebach is unusual for a number of reasons: it is a setting of a Latin text (the Gradual for the 3rd mass on Christmas Day), it has five vocal parts (SSATB) and the instrumental accompaniment is in only four parts (there is no second viola). What is not unusual, though, is the quality of Erlebach's writing - without the concerto-aria-concerto framework of his cantatas, he is free to explore different ways of combining the voices and instruments - with effective and impressive results.
Edited by Brian Clark.
Scoring: SSATB soli and tutti, 2 violins, viola, bassoon, continuo.
PLEASE NOTE: This edition does not include a continuo realization. If you require one, please tick the box. Remember, it may take a week to produce a continuo part.
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